We are a media organization that relies on the free will gifts of our generous supporters. The Bibles and ICI correspondence literature that we send upon request, are sent without charge to the receiver.

Therefore CMAA / KABA is in a unique position to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ. No economic hindrance is placed between our viewers and them receiving our literature. If our vision is to spread the Word of God (and it is!) then surely all the out-going literature must be offered free of charge. I know you agree. We are committed to this vision even though the cost is great.

CMAA / KABA is Norwegian based but have come to realize the need to expand our support base across our borders into other lands. In humility I can recommend the ministry of CMAA / KABA assuring you we are a cost effective, strategic and God called ministry eager to see the Lord do wonderful things with the people of the Middle East and North Africa.

Material and spiritual support is what we seek. We are open to receive donations transferred to our Norwegian bank account. We also hope you will remember us in your prayers, pray for CMAA / KABA; for wisdom, for fruitfulness, and for the leading of God’s Spirit. There is much to learn from the cultures of MENA; befriend an Arab, get to know him and learn about his background. Pray for a wave of freedom to sweep over the Middle Eastern lands. Change can come; change will come.

Our Norwegian Bank details: Den norske Bank
Swift code: DNBANOKK
account num: 7122 10 84122

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