1. 15 important message about K.A.B.A./C.M.A.A.

    1. Language: Our outreaching workers speak Arabic as their native language.

    2. Culture: It is an advantage to know and understand the culture in the Middle-East if you want to spread the Gospel. Ten of our co-workers have grown up in this culture.

    3. Religion: Knowledge about Islam and other religions in the Middle-East make us able to be very clear in how we present the Gospel.

    4. Message: We preach the Gospel mainly to Muslims and other Arabs that are not Christians. Our profile is to be clear and at the same time show love without condemning.

    5. Mission areas: Our focus is North-Africa and the Middle-East, but also Arabs in other continents like Europe and America.

    6. Co-workers: The ministry is more than a work. Every single worker has a call and equipment from God to execute the mission.

    7. Finances: We administer our resources very effectively. Only a smaller part of the budget is spent on the administration.

    8. Following up-work: We use the best material on the market for following up in Arabic about Christian Faith; the material of Global University.

    9. Refuges: Many of those who leave Islam to live as Christians in Muslim countries are persecuted. We have got some secret refuges in the region to help people that need to hide.

    10. TV-work: Our programs in Arabic give response and concrete results. Letters and other communication show that many watch the programs in secret or are involved in leading people to salvation.

    11. Internet web-TV: On our web-site www.cmaa.us which is in Arabic, Arabs all over can read Christian texts and watch TV-programs whenever they want to.

    12. Internet chat room: We use new communication tools as chatting on internet and skype telephone.

    13. Literature: We send out Bibles and other Christian literature in Arabic to the Middle-East, North-Africa and Europe. We have also some material in other languages.

    14. Prayer mobilization: We are spearheading different prayer efforts for the Muslim World. We are responsible for the booklet “30 days of Prayer” in Norwegian.

    15. Equip and assist: We will not only bring the Gospel. We will also teach the new saved to be established in their new faith, let them experience the baptism in the Holy Spirit and a Christian

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